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Antonio Sotos Saffron

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Authentic Spanish Saffron

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Authentic Spanish Saffron

For those of you that have not used saffron before, it is easy. Get a shallow dish and fill it with pre-boiling water. Do not make the water a full boil temperature. Let's say for two people you would use 8 or 9 stigmas. You would gently submerge the red stigmas in the hot water for no more than 4 1/2 minutes. The water will turn yellow. Before your rice in the pot absorbs water and gets puffy, pour in the saffron and that way your rice will turn yellow because it will absorb the saffron into your rice.

We only sell a high grade of saffron.Use it for paella, soups, sauces and risottos.  Experiment with it by placing it in a few ounces of hot water (not boiling hot) for less than 5 minutes and pour it into anything you are cooking. This price is for 1 gram of saffron from Spain.

Ingredients: saffron stigmas

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