Terra Dawn

Terra Dawn is a Health & Wellness Coach passionately inspiring others to be the best they can be, through Self Love, Self Discovery and Empowerment by utilizing their time with Intention & Purpose!

Her college education, background in Human Services, and her mission to a healthy lifestyle due to chronic disease, as well as her work with life improvement seminars, is what has lead her to the path of coaching in a WHOLE manner - body, mind and spirit. It was during her journey to discovering self love, while parenting her 3 children, as well as working as a single mom, that allowed her to understand the importance of setting goals, setting priorities and making Time Management a significant priority. This would allow her to have the freedom and balance she required in all areas of her life, in order to be the mom her children deserved and the woman she wanted to be.

Terra has also learned that standing up, time and time again, against the face of challenge and adversity would allow her to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring her to more of what she wants in life, while helping others learn from her experiences and triumphs.

Terra is incredibly excited to guide you on your own path to Self Love, Self Discovery and Empowerment through the power of Time Management!
She looks forward to connecting with you!

Rosalind Tuck

225 Mariner Court, North Palm Beach FL 33408 | C: 7726341296 | rft1971@gmail.com

Rosalind is a passionate consultant and coach who is known internationally as a dynamic and pertinent speaker. Her audience extends across the United States, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland and Hawaii; to name just a few.

Rosalind began her career in South Africa as a District Manager for “Staff Development and Training” for a Fortune 500 Company before moving to the United States and entering the world of non-profit and music ministry. After a few years, Rosalind decided to branch off and use her accumulated skills, knowledge and certifications in a private capacity, designing and executing training programs for her clients and offering 1:1 and group coaching. Her reputation as a straight-forward, authentic leader has enabled Rosalind to develop a variety of strong collaborations since that time.

While Rosalind’s experience is broad, Rosalind’s primary focus is Leadership Evolution, Purpose Revelation and Team Symbiosis. She has adopted the methodology of Virgin’s leader, Richard Branson, as she challenges paradigms, encouraging her clients to step out of their comfort zones to achieve new levels of personal and organization success. She believes in leading her clients along the journey of depth and height to support expansion. Her slogan is “Believing is Seeing.”

Throughout her career Rosalind has built a reputation of being passionate about people and personal growth. She has consulted, coached and trained with both public and non-profit organizations in diverse industries including: Fortune 500, Retail, Non-profit organizations, entrepreneurial start-ups, insurance, education, multi-level marketing companies and entrepreneurs.

Over the years Rosalind’s “say-it-as-it-is” approach and focus on communication, collaboration and authenticity in leadership and team development has afforded her the privilege of earning many various awards including the “Cambridge Who’s Who” Award for outstanding leadership in the executive and professionals sector. She has also been featured in various magazines like “Home Business Connection” as a successful “mom-preneur.”

Rosalind has four children, two of whom serve in the US Navy and Air force while the other two are University students in Ohio. As a single parent for many years she, through trial-and-error, developed healthy habits of balancing both business and family. Rosalind is an avid athlete and musician and in her down time enjoys family, the outdoors hiking, biking or working out and also enjoys her time at her piano writing music and poetry and making music.

In addition to a plethora of certifications in the training and coaching field, Rosalind holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. She is currently based in Florida.

Website (under construction): rosalindtuck.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosalindv/


“Rosalind exceeded my expectations. She was also relatable and so excited for me which made me even more excited for myself. “
- Sharon St. Rose

“Rosalind was totally amazing! I felt the Holy Spirit move in me to share and be transparent with my current life situation, in addition to sharing a few of my assignments from God. Rosalind shared from her heart, prayed with me and encouraged me.”
- Lu Ann Topovski

“My session with Rosalind was super helpful. She helped me to strategize and put my thoughts in perspective of where I want to be in the next 1-5 years. I see now how possible it is for my dream to become a reality. Her advice on how to move forward was valuable and I am taking steps to implement what I can RIGHT NOW.”
- Karlene Millwood

“I loved my strategy session with Rosalind. She went over and above my expectations of explaining everything and helping me realize my potential and direction. Also sending me a follow up email of encouragement.”
- Jeanette Clark

“Rosalind and I connected well and helped me to think about what type of ministry or business I am seeking. Helped me narrow it down to helping people understand their value in life. The call was encouraging and inspiring.”
- Patsy Hinojosa

“Roz became an important mentor to me in my entrepreneurial business. Not only did I learn countless new skills from her ongoing coaching, the example she set by her personal drive and focus was both inspiring and motivating.”
- Michelle Porter

Joya Tynes

Hello my name is Joya Tynes. I am a wife and mother of 6 amazing children. My kids range from 21 to 4 years old. I come from a middle class background where my parents made enough money to keep a roof over my head a decent car to drive and food on the table, but there was no room for EXTRA. When I was a young girl my mom bought be a box of lollipops and asked me did I want to sell them to my friends at school. I went to school sold all of the lollipops and as a results I was able to spend an entire day at the skating rink with unlimited access to the concession stand and I was able to buy for others needless to say ENTREPRENEUR was born. As a young girl until about 12 years old I spent my adolescence in the big city of ST. Louis, MO. There I was exposed to culture and had any social events at my fingertips. That is were my love for PEOPLE began. Right around 13 years old my parents decided to make a drastic move to the sunshine state of Orlando, Florida. This was a complete culture shock to me because I had never been exposed to such a melting pot. I will never forget my first day of high school when I was sitting at table with peers who looked like me and dressed like me, but we didn’t speak the same language. My desire to CONNECT grew and I begin to learn a little about other languages and cultures just to learn how to connect with others. After high school, I landed in Norfolk, Va at Norfolk State University where I decided to study in the Nursing field. Life had a few twist and turns and bumps in the road and it sent me another direction. I landed a corporate position at major communications company VERIZON. There I learned how to be a TEAM PLAYER and I climbed the ranks ofsales success, sending me on trips around the world and lots of recognition. This is were my desire to TEACH others how to do what I did. This is were I met my life partner and husband John. After spending 15 years in that corporate setting and awaiting the arrival of our 6th child. We made the decision 4 years ago for me to transition home. During this journey I learned how to grow a home based business and become on solo entrepreneur. Through this journey I discovered the value in MENTORSHIP which lead me to this program. I had a longing desire to demonstrate excellence and be all the GOD has in store for me. I am so grateful that I was introduced to this program because now I am able to put all my layers together and life experiences and grow as a person as well as grow others. Through the mastermind alliance I am able to meet new people learn about their life experiences and help them connect the dots.

We’re not ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We’re extraordinary people doing extraordinary things!

Life verse
2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new
creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Angela Sladen


  Good day! My name is Angela Sladen. I am a wife, “mom” to ten, and “grandma” to 10. I live in beautiful Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, where most of my extended family live as well. I live to love and love to live life to the fullest!

  I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, own Total Health Method, and have been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. I’ve owned and operated a women’s fitness and nutrition centre, created online health programs, and have worked with 100’s clients from all over the world (both online and face-to-face) to help them overcome just about every health issue you can think of. I’ve gained an incredible amount of education and experience over the last 20 years.

  I also own a business called Visibility Success which helps aspiring authors and entrepreneurs find their voice through their books and their websites. I’ve worked with authors, political leaders, and business owners to successfully brand themselves and expand their influence. We offer book-writing services and create money-making beautiful websites for our clients.

  I have the joy of combining work with pleasure! My businesses are portable and are my constant companion as I travel to my “bucket list” of beautiful places around the world. Combine travel, writing, reading and taking care of my clients with a glass of red wine and I’m there!

  1.   My ultimate passion is helping others life a life of health and true wealth – body, soul and spirit!
  2.   build a business around your book
  3.   monetize your book before it is even released
  4.   market your book and business
  5.   build your list of excited fans
  6.   maximize your time
  7.   live a life of balance and

What others are saying: (Pick which ones you like best)

What Others Are Saying…

“Angela Sladen is an influential powerhouse of entrepreneurial success in the health and wellness industry. She demonstrates a keen sense of the real needs of people, and through her professional experience and expertise strives to get you to have successful outcomes in your pursuits. I respect Angela’s readiness and determination to make an immediate positive impact in the lives of others. Today, I have the privilege of working with Angela in an authors group, and I am grateful for her enthusiasm for life and coaches corner advice.”
Janice Sarich, M.Ed.
Former MLA Edmonton-Decore &
Parliamentary Assistant to Minister of Education

“Angela has gone above and beyond in her work for me. All of the work is done in a timely and professional manner. It has been a pleasure to have Angela creating alongside me as I grow my brand.”
Daniel Oneill
Author, Speaker, Triathlete Coach

“I have known Angela for the past 3 years and have admired her work ethic. She has inspired and encouraged me to write a book so that I am now an up and coming author! She is very approachable, caring and understanding. She offers concise and eloquent advice on how to determine what is negotiable and not negotiable in how you spend every waking moment of your day. She has given me tools to help me structure that very precious commodity…time – that we never seem to have enough of, to help me achieve my goals. I would highly recommend Angela as a writing coach. As it says in her signature tag line “To Your Success” and she means it.”
Margo LaBerge, Edmonton

“Market My Fitness is a must read for not just personal trainers, but for any person looking to build a profitable business. As I read this book, it really got me thinking more about what I really want as a personal trainer and what I really want as a successful business person…..I felt INSPIRED!!! This book is jam-packed with step by step information and tools to help get your business off and running in the right direction. Numerous resources and websites are included within the pages as well. I would recommend this book to my colleagues and friends. It’s a must read and a must have!”
Tanya Slywka
Personal Trainer, Sherwood Park, AB

“LOVE my site!
Kathy Tuccaro, Author & Speaker

“This book is not a guideline for how to make your fitness business be successful – it is a step by step manual for every level of trainer with exact programs to purchase and advice that is given in a direct and informative manner. You cannot ask for a better marketing tool! I have personally met Angela, this book is everything she is in person; intelligent, motivating and creative! Buy this book; the investment you make in ‘Market My Fitness‘ will guarantee a happy and secure business for the future!”
Tonia Leske
Physical Trainer, Edmonton, AB

“The trainer did a fantastic job! …very helpful and friendly and challenge people in a good way.”
V. Kos

“…Very good training…thank you!”
D. Blue

“The trainer was awesome!”
A. Khan

“Definitely take this course. It was a fantastic session and I feel not only did I get a lot out of it but I will go home and do it! Total engagement! Great job! Please send me information on the other courses.”
K. Ashworth