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Mestral Arbequina extra virgin olive oil 16.9 oz



Talk about a great value. This is a world class award winning olive oil with 0.20% acidity or less. Absolutely, exellent quality. Love this extra virgin olive oil. Mestral Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an exceptional Catalonian oil grown near the Mediterranean Sea. The Cambrils' microclimate (Costa Dorada), soil, good agricultural practices, better facilities all add up to making this one amazing Arbequina evoo. Intense and fruity, with notes of flowers, apple, ripe banana, almond and green leaf. Aromas of fennel and nuts with a sweet, nutty, slightly bitter and spicy taste. Exceptionally well-balanced.

Since 1902, the Agricultural Cooperative Cambrils has been cultivating arbequina olive trees in Catalonia. It is Siurana DOP or PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) which covers the province of Tarragona in southern Catalonia. Not only do the olives have to come from this area, they must be carried in small baskets after harvesting so that they are not bruised or squashed. When they are taken to the mills, they are temperature controlled in order to conserve the molecules and all of the wonderful qualities of the arbequina. Their oils have won multiple awards and have been recognized as Best Olive Oil in Spain Fruity Category by the Agriculture Ministry of Spain and best olive oil mill of Spain (2005-2006) awarded by the Spanish Association of Municipalities of the Olive Tree (AEMO). This olive oil also won Gold in Paris and Los Angeles.

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